Galadel Aníror

An Iyanden Spiritseer


A lithe female of the Eldar race, with crimson red hair tied in a top knot. In battle she is armed with a shuriken pistol, the Spear of Teuthlas, and ancient family Runic Armour.

Warlord Traits:


Hailing from the House of Aníror on Iyanden, Galadel was destined for greatness when she first set upon the Path of the Witch. One of the brightest pupils under Iyanna Arienal teachings, she set out on her own in search of the Tears of Morai-Heg.

During her scouring of the galaxy for the Tears, Galadel felt a disturbance in the warp. She knew she must rush back to Iyanden as it was in danger. She arrived during the battle of Iyanden against the Great Devourer. Galadel joined the fight with spear and spirit alongside her family of House Aníror. With her father and mother took to battling a Hive Tyrant. While darting between scything talons and thrusting with witch blades and spears the monster let out a blast of psychic energy. Her family fought back against the psychic onslaught, shielding their daughter as she thrust her spear into the mouth of the vile creature. But it was too late, holding back the psychic energy had killed her parents.

Her family was dead, the House of Aníror had fallen. Both parents joined the infinity circuit and spirit stones placed in Wraithlords, following Galadel where ever she may go, protecting her in death as they did in life.

After the battle Galadel continued her search for the Tears of Morai-Heg and have led her to world of Panexos where she will bring the fury of Iyanden’s awakened dead, who have risen from their slumber.

Galadel Aníror

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