Warboss Kankrumpa

The Warboss leadin' the WAAAGH to take Panexos


Wot? ’E’s a dead killy boss is wot ‘e is! Bigger’n you lot, an’ twice as ‘ard as any o’ dem ‘yanden boyz. Kankrumpa’s got a klaw for krumpin’ kans an’ a buncha trukks wot’ll get us boyz over to ’em!


Why are you muckin’ about talkin’ about wot was an’ not what is?

Lissen up, gits. Kankrumpa come from one o’ dem stoopid boyz tribes, where dey too busy hittin’ stuff wiff sticks ta go an’ make a propa shoota. But see, Boss was smarter’n all dat, an’ up an’ left his nob behind. Went an’ found some o’ dem Mekboyz out in dem ruins wot the ‘umies leave layin’ about.

See dem feral boyz don’t get it, an’ dey’z stupid like you lot. So den later Kankrumpa comes back wiff his new klaw an’ shiny armor, an’ he snips dat old chief in harf! So now Kankrumpa’s boss, an’ ’fore long ’e was Boss of a lot of uvver tribes too.

Now dat we got a real Warboss an’ some mek boyz, we gotz trukks an’ shootas an’ uvver fings like dat. Loota boyz found some real dakka in one o’ dem ‘umie piles o’ gunz, an’ now we’re all set ta take da fight back ta dem ‘umies good an’ propa.

Right! Dat’s enuff talkin’! Get yer choppas, boyz! Time ta get stuck in!

Warboss Kankrumpa

The Fall of Panexos Dadamh