The History of Panexos

One large continent torn asunder by war. Aliens roam freely across the vast planes devising their mysterious stratagems for conquer, the great devourer has tainted and ravaged the countryside, and mighty agents of plague and death sup from the fear of the populace.

Panexos was not always a war immersed in war between many factions bent on its destruction. Indeed, this planet was once a place of peace and minor industry. The world was known for nothing in particular, as is best in a universe where war is ever-present and omnipresent. But in the last century of the 41st Millennium, Panexos left it’s long history of peace and complacency and entered into a time of hardship.

The troubles started when an errant cluster of Ork roks fell to the surface. The initial disorganized rabble was quickly neutralized by the local PDF forces, but as any planet touched by the green tide knows all too well, the menace is never fully eliminated.

Raids by feral ork tribes were common after that. And as calls for imperial help increased in frequency, a final solution was devised by the Astra Militarium. Marshall Reginald G. Baincroft and his 85th Cadian were installed as a “garrison force” whereas the average citizen would describe them more as of a raucous, self-entitled nuisance.

The ongoing off-worlder military presence lead to a rise in anti-imperial sentiment which fomented in two separate insurrections. Neither claimed attachment to the other, but both reviled the Imperial yoke. One spoke of the great father of eternity that could preserve all even after death with no need of such garrison. And the other spoke of a great awakening; and the initiates never quite seemed the same after swearing allegiance to the cause.

These insurrections were suppressed violently by the garrison where the former boredom of the Cadians manifested into a furious savagery brought to the people of Panexos. And when their actions stoked the fire rather than snuffing it, Inquisitor Vashin was brought in to investigate.

Vashin did indeed find the cause for the uprising. After some investigations, the inquisitor found that one uprising was rooted in a cult of the dark god Nurgle – champion of decay and despair. The other, a genestealer infestation. After these revelations, the two groups of idolaters had no more reason to hide their true purpose in the shadows. They called on their respective lords, a great Nurgle host led by the infamous Baubulous the Wretched has descended upon the citizen, and is followed, most unfortunately, by the a splinter fleet of the great devourer itself.

While the beleaguered Cadian 85th has defended well as can be expected on two fronts, they have been distracted from fighting the old foe. Unchecked for years, wild ork tribes have coalesced under the newly crowned Warboss Kankrumpa, and now threaten the cities as much as settlements on the outskirts.

This dire situation has not escaped Inquisitor Vashin, and he’s used his resources to call for reinforcements. So far, there are only two forces able or willing to answer the call of this young inquisitor. The Ordo Malleus has expressed interest in vanquishing their daemonic foe, and the crusading Lamenters have requested a chance to redeem themselves in battle.

Unbeknownst to them all, a more scheming alien fleet has intercepted these calls of distress. Eldar have arrived via webway gates that had lain secret in the jungles of this maiden world for many thousands of years. It’s their opinion that this world has holds an ancient artifact the Tears of Morai-Heg. Lead by Galadel AnĂ­ror of Iyanden, a Spiritseer who is willing to let the maiden world burn if it brings her closer to what she seeks.

As the new millennium dawns, there are many great perils for the Imperium of man. The 13th Black Crusade is ongoing with Abbaddon at the head. The Necron menace has developed into a war of soulless cruelty. Finally, the third hivefleet, Leviathan is headed for Holy Terra itself! The formerly peaceful world of Panexos has been forgotten and left to fend for itself. Whichever faction succeeds in conquest will have a planet to itself. One of seeming importance, although the reasons for such unwanted attention may only be known to the warlords themselves. Whatever the outcome, billions of lives and the glory of war are at stake. Only the strongest, or boldest, or most cunning will ever claim victory in this hellish place.

The History of Panexos

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