Welcome to the Campaign Page

This campaign, run by the Rowdy Boyz gaming group of Mint Hill, is based loosely on the Planetary Empires ruleset released by Games Workshop. The campaign starts on April 11th, 2014 and ends whenever we’re done being rowdy. New players are welcome to apply for a spot in the campaign!

To use this website, you can use the links in the sidebar. The purpose for each link is described below.

Front Page: That’s what you’re currently reading. It introduces the campaign and how to use this website.

Forum: The forum is used for inter-player communication about the rules. Clarifications and FAQs will be present, but essentially it’s complaint central with wine and cheese served regularly.

Calendar: All campaign round sessions (where we all meet up to see what happens) are scheduled here. Please RSVP whether you can come or not.

Adventure Log: The results of each campaign round will be recorded here both in game terms and fluff wise.

Wiki: The rules and story for the campaign can be found in the wiki.

Characters: Each army is lead by a warlord. These warlords and their traits are described in this section.

Maps: This contains a campaign map that represents Panexos.