The Rancorous Devourer

A specially bred Hive Tyrant of savvy wit and insatiable hunger


The main trajectory of a hive fleet isn’t difficult to map. It bellows towards the densest star clusters and planets seeking the precious biomass contained within. Even now, the third great hive fleet—Hive Fleet Leviathan— hurtles towards the outer rim of star systems that bridge Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Solar; a path ultimately leading to the heart of the Imperium. Holy Terra.

Less predictable are the movements of a hive fleet’s tendrils. They slither out menacingly from a primary arm of the hive fleet to seek out planets rich in biomass, yet off the beaten path from the Hive Mind’s primary objective. Although all Tyranid swarms seems endless in the eyes of any warrior unfortunate enough to face them, tendrils are not backed by the same amount of biomass used to substantiate the main fleet.

To compensate for this, the Hive Mind uses a tendrils limited biomass to breed creatures of superior cunning and tenacity to accomplish it’s ends. One such horror is a voracious predator described by the few individuals lucky enough escape it’s maw as The Rancorous Devourer…


Now, as the third ominous hive fleet thus far encountered by the the Imperium of Man—Hive Fleet Leviathan—plunges headstrong towards Holy Terra, the Rancorous Destroyer has been born anew once again. Reincarnated to serve as conduit for the Hive Mind’s will as it attempts to consume the planet Panexos and it’s multitude of denizens.

The Rancorous Devourer

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